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What we’re about

It's permission to create from the state of total allowance without the need to satisfy our productivity and competition-driven minds. Here we create for the pleasure of the process and because the wisdom of listening to our creative soul brings an abundance of gifts. We can find solace, wisdom and uplifting joy when we create from our heart. To create widely is to sacrifice doubt, worries, and not-enoughness on the altar of the muses and allow blue space, exotic birds, rare songs, and poetic rhymes to fill your soul.

We meet in person as well as online to support our creativity, and spiritual growth, and we create a loving space for creating, sharing, enjoying the time togheter and allowing the self to experience a moment of creative Zen.

Process-oriented art is a way to go deeper into our own soul by utilizing gentle but very deeply introspective art techniques. We allow ourselves to be in the flow of our creative process, without criticism, a need for productivity, or competition.

Process oreinted art is a fantastic way to attract better feeling feelings. Whether we're calling on abundance, love, healing, or adventure, the creative process opens the doors to solutions and ideas we could not access previously.

In our classes, we create rituals, blessings, mantras, mandalas, paintings, dolls, and whatever else is needed to alchemize and fully embrace our ever-emerging creative enthusiasm and love of life.

With warmest blessings
Pati Becker

Our sister meetup for Tarot, Oracle & Runes Enthusiast can be found here.

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"The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time" - Mary Oliver


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