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PIE Circle: Powerful Intuitive Empath

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PIE Circle: Powerful Intuitive Empath


Welcome to our PIE Meetup Circle! I know, it sounds like a dessert group and although there may be some of that, PIE is actually an acronym for Powerful Intuitive Empath. Being sensitive, and an empathic intuitive, I know how life can feel like an emotional roller coaster. Because we are empathic, we're sensitive to the emotions and sometimes even the physical sensations that others are experiencing around us.

Because we are so capable of seeing and experiencing life through the eyes of others, it’s easy to pick up their emotions and even physical pain. Is it possible some of those who are diagnosed by doctors as manic-depressives could actually be empathic sensitives, experiencing the emotions of those around them? (Of course, we're not here to diagnose or prescribe and some really do have chemical imbalances in the body.)

But personally, I would not want to live in a world without empathy. Would you? Could YOU?

If you’re reading this note, you might be wondering if this group is for you. Please ask yourself some of the following questions:

  1. Do you often feel exhausted after being in a public place like a shopping mall?
  2. Have you ever walked into a room and felt conflict in the air?
  3. Do you often ‘tear up’ easily watching a tender movie or even commercial?
  4. Does it ‘break your heart’ to see children, animals or others hurting?
  5. Do complete strangers seem to trust and share private information with you?
  6. Does it hurt you to hurt another person's feelings?
  7. Can you get lost in a musical experience?
  8. Are you really good at seeing another person's point of view?
  9. Do you feel great joy in committing a ‘random act of kindness’?
  10. Do you feel great love for people, animals and nature in general?

There are so many more questions we can ask ourselves about being empathic. When you were a child, did you ever know things about people before they told you how they felt? It can be so confusing to a child when he or she intuitively knows the truth and someone lies to cover up their true feelings or emotions. I call this ‘crazy making’ because it caused us as empaths to doubt the truth of our intuition.

Perhaps you still doubt what you knew then and know now because others told you to stop being so sensitive and just get over it! If this happened to you, have tried developing a ‘hard or frozen heart’. I know because I’ve been through many times of hiding my true feelings and reactions to what I know intuitively.

If you can relate to any of this, please come and join our PIE Circle. We are not here to give advice, but rather to support each other as we become the powerful intuitive beings of light and love that we ‘signed up for’ before we were even born into these physical bodies. We are here now because we chose to be! Our power is not a power over others, but it is a collaborative-cooperative power that makes our lives and the lives of others sweeter, kinder and richer!

We've been meeting now for many years and oh my, each group session has been powerful and unique! Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we get teary-eyed, but each we time we more and more grow to accept and even embrace our own nature! We are discovering why we have these gifts and what we can do with them!

We don’t know how large and powerful we can become, but we will explore what it means to care deeply and to joyously ‘BE and DO GOOD’ in the world! We hope you will come join us as we celebrate our discovery of being a PIE: Powerful, Intuitive Empath!

DATE: The 3rd Wednesday of the month

TIME: 7:00 PM

FEE: $25.00 per person

LOCATION PHONE: (Due to the Covid 19, we are meeting on a phone conference call for now.)

Call-In Number: 1 (945)-218-0012
Access Code: 2503868

If you have questions, you can reach me at:

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