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Partnership And Trust Here (PATH) Animal Institute - Welcome!

This group is founded and hosted by animal behaviorist and dog trainer, Ash Miner, a professional trainer since 2008, who holds dual Master's degrees in Animal Behavior for canine/feline and equine from the accredited Unity Environmental University.

PATH offers regular in-person and online events. For in-person events, we have: the PAW Pack Walk Hikes on Sundays at 9am to exercise, bond, and appreciate nature; the PACT Pack Walk on Saturdays at 8am, for helping overly excitable and reactive dogs overcome triggers with other dogs and people; we also have the Canine Good Citizen & Public Access Test Prep class on Saturdays at 7:15pm, for dogs working on obedience in public. Ash is certified by the AKC to administer the 3 levels of CGC tests, as well as trick dog titles. The online event is a Q&A Support Group, held via Zoom on Tuesdays at 7pm.

Rules & Tools:

  1. No flexi leashes, 4'-6' standard leashes only
  2. No punitive tools (prong, stim/shock/vibrate/beep collars, etc.) as these are banned from CGC testing by AKC rules & regulations
  3. Bring extra tasty rewards (string cheese, hot dogs, meaty jerky, plain meatballs, etc.) in a treat pouch
  4. Arrive 15mins early to let your dog sniff and get their sillies out
  5. Your dog must fulfill the prerequisites of the in-person meetups in order to attend. If you're not ready yet, Ash is absolutely willing to help fast-track you into your desired event.

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