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DO NOT REQUEST MEMBERSHIP ON THIS SITE. GO TO http://www.meetup.com/psychicstation to belong to the Spirit Circle, which is now a part of the Psychic Station's meet up group. Thank you!

As of January 20, 2014... Spirit Circle is now combined with my other Louisville Meet Up group, Psychic Station. You can join the Psychic Station Meet Up group @ www.meetup.com/psychicstation

Spirit Circle meet up's will be posted in the Psychic Station Calendar and listed as Spirit Circle. Spirit Circle gatherings are held monthly and last between 1 1/2 - 2 hours, at a cost of $35 (cash) each month. For more details, request to be a member at the above link. Read more about Spirit Circle below...

Intuitive Reading
15 minutes $55
30 minutes $75
45 minutes $135
60 minutes $155

Medium Reading
15 minutes $100
30 minutes $150

To schedule a booking or if you have any questions, please send an inquiry e-Mail to: kimfunk11@outlook.com

What is a Medium? A person who can bridge the spiritual and physical worlds and deliver messages; healing both worlds.

My Intention & Commitment
Guide you in Spirit Communication through meditations that will assist you in connecting with the spirit world. Learning how to connect with and know your Guides, Power Animals, Ascended Masters, Angels, Higher Beings, and your Higher Self. Meditation is the major key in doing spirit work, as this is the way to connect with the spirit world. This is a process for each of us. You will also learn about energy and its importance.

To me, belonging to a Spirit Circle is very special. The energy we build as a group is what will connect us as one and builds the energy for spirit communication, coupled with the intention of the group itself to learn about and connect to the spirit world through meditations. Spirit Circle nurtures, matures, and grows your innate spiritual connections and healing abilities. Intention is what sets the focus of our individual and combined energies and draws to us that which we seek, a higher awareness about spirit.

I've asked spirit to bring to spirit circle individuals who are seeking other like-minded souls and spiritual development. I know that spirit will draw persons who are ready for this type of circle; I also know that all who come won’t stay. In the end, whoever was supposed to be a part of our circle remains and the others fade away. If you come and find out that spirit circle isn't your cup of tea, that’s okay too. Circle groups are not for everyone and I understand this.

The bonus of sitting in a Spirit Circle group versus that of sitting by ourselves is that the energy we gather together creates a huge amount of combined energy in, around, and through us. We multiply our energyby not only the number of other members in our circle, but by our individual spiritual development. Our vibration will change because of this.

Whether you know it or not, we literally become a beacon of Light! Our Light will attract the spirit world on a larger scale to us. We will shine like a lighthouse to the Other Side. Your Guides or other enlightened Beings may appear to you as well as spirits.

Know that you are opening yourself up to spirit activity and connections when sitting in a spirit circle and if you are uncomfortable with this for any reason; perhaps you shouldn’t join until you are more comfortable. You can always send me an email and discuss your fears and see if I can help you can work through and understand them. Know that the more you learn and develop, the brighter your Light will be, and you know what that means now, right? Think of yourself as a beam of beautiful white light walking around and that light shines outwards for all to see, sense and feel. As you expand, so does your aura. Spirits look for people who can talk with them and your Light is the beam they look for and notice! You're not the only one who likes to talk and be listened too. So, if you are a medium, don’t be surprised if you start seeing, hearing or sensing spirits around you, because you will; some of you will take notice a little sooner than others, is all. You will also know soon enough if you are a medium or not by sitting in circle. Even if you’re not a medium you still have Spirit Guides, Guardians, Gatekeepers, Angels, Ascended Masters, Power Animals, and other Higher Enlightened Beings working with you, and that is what you will do in circle, get to meet and know who is with you and what their purpose is for you. The Circle is good for all!

Know that your individual light will attract the spirit world even when not sitting in circle and there’s no going back once you’ve opened like this, so think about what was just shared with you before joining or staying in circle. I'm not trying to scare anyone; just making you aware of what you’re stepping into first, so you don’t have any surprises, is all. If you have any questions beforehand or even after attending, please contact me.

To me, the spirit world is so cool and what a wonderful means to help others in a very special way. Many people think spirit work (mediumship) is to reach out to their deceased loved one (DLO) or they just want to know their DLO is okay and/or made it to the Other Side. There’s another reason, it’s for healing the hearts of the ones left behind here on earth and at times to heal the soul of the DLO because they left with a regret. To me, spirit work is all about healing. It’s a means to help work through grief and move forward in life again.

Think about why you want to join and what you want to get out of circle gatherings. I want everyone in the circle to be a good fit, as a group. If you're curious about the group, come find out first hand for yourself.

This Circle is for persons working on spirit guide connections and connecting to the spirit realm and who want to dedicate time to Spirit to do so. The more you come, the easier your connections will become and the more information you will receive.

A Little Backstory
My mom brought me into the metaphysical world when I was quite young and I'm thankful she did. She would make up games to play with me and that is how I learned. She’s the reason I’m doing this work in the first place. It runs in the family, on my mom’s side. When I was very young my mom used to ask me if I wanted to play games with her. Little did I know exactly what was going on at the time but figured it out as time went on. I enjoyed playing ‘psychic’ games and learning about auras, automatic writing, spirit guides, mediumship, meditation, going to our ‘levels,’ and more. So, I’ve been involved in this field since forever, or so it seems.

As I grew older, I dove into books to learn even more. Then classes started to show up at the Minnesota University, so mom and I went to classes we were interested in. I have been educating myself ever since through local classes, books, and then started traveling around to study under public figures like James van Praagh and other masters.

I became a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher in 2008 and in 2010 I started a Circle group and a variety of intuitive development classes. I have been teaching others what I have learned and share my experiences, and to say I am on the ride of my life is an understatement. My 'normal' keeps on changing, it's so cool, and you will find that your ‘normal’ will change as well. That is a good thing! I teach and give readings in person, over the phone or via Skype. I have volunteered my time giving reiki treatments to patients on the ICU Cardiac Unit at The Methodist Hospital as well as Odyssey Hospice in Houston, Texas. I believe in giving back to the community and encourage others to do so also.

Everything I do is about healing on some level and it’s what I love to do for others and myself. It brings me joy, teaching others and being there for them. My heart sings when I’m teaching, sharing, and watching healing take place in a person’s heart.

I grew up in a period where there was no one to ask questions to except my mom, let alone study with and develop. It was hush-hush; we ‘psychic-mediums-healers’ were kept in a closet. Not fun, very frustrating, had a feeling of being alone and was looking to fit in with others who understood because they felt the same way. I no longer feel that way and I’m making my own special family, so to speak, with other metaphysical persons like me. So now you know a bit more about me.

My intention for the Circle groups is to reach out to other like-minded persons who resonate with what I’ve shared so far, who desire to grow spiritually in many ways.

I am here to push you past your comfort zone… out of the proverbial nest. Sometimes I pull out the 'teacher' card, when I feel it's something someone needs. I will also teach about energetic boundaries and responsibility that comes along with knowledge, especially the heart of compassion. To me, the messages we deliver should always be given tied up with a pink bow somehow. You will also learn that not everything you are shown is for the client but may be for you. Learning to separate the EGO from messages is another challenge all face and must go through. Without mistakes, how do we learn? Some of the best lessons I’veever had come through mistakes or a bad choice, and I am thankful for those experiences because truly, that is what they really are, an experience. I believe in boundaries and one of them is not going into other people’s drawers (intuitively & energetically speaking). If you understand anything about karma you will know how important boundaries truly are. I will explain the why's behind what I teach so you understand what's going on and why and don't follow blindly, just because.

I was pushed out of my comfort zone a long time ago and like to pay it forward and that is what I am extending to you, if you’re guided to my group. By the way, I am still getting pushed out of my own comfort zone, too. Which is a good thing. The day I think I know enough is the day I'm no longer on this earth. Then... it's a whole new ball of wax on the Other Side. See where I'm going with this and how I think?

Spirit has led you to my group to learn whatever it is you’re supposed to be learning at this time and meet other like-minded individuals who may impact your life and thinking as well. You will find that you are not alone or different like you may have thought for many years. We do become family and we do finally feel that we fit in. It’s the best feeling!

One more thing, Intuitive Solutions was a private (closed) group since August 2010 where I taught intuitive development for a long time, but I feel opening it up and using it for circle teachings now best serves others. That is why you will see old meetings still posted. I don't want to delete them as that group meant a lot to me in many ways so I'm honoring the ladies by leaving things as they were and just building on what was, to what will now be.

Personal Consultation, Class or Reading, Structure Cleansing
If you prefer a private consultation, class, reading or structure (house or building) cleansing, send an email through the Meet Up group and let me know how I can be of service. Ask for information, services, and pricing. I will respond within 48 hours. I teach and/or give readings in person, over the phone, through an email or via Skype.

Children & Family
If your child, young adult, or family are experiencing something going on in your home that you don’t understand, such as seeing spirits, entities, or having intuitive experiences that make you uncomfortable, please contact me through the meet up email for assistance.

If you feel drawn to our Spirit Circle group, please go to the website listed at the top of this page and then fill out the questionnaire requesting to become a member at Psychic Station.

I look forward to teaching and helping you develop while having fun together.

Light & Love,


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