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The Inventors Roundtable Virtual (CENTRAL)

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The Inventors Roundtable Virtual (CENTRAL)


The Inventors Roundtable is dedicated to helping inventors understand and navigate the inventing process. It is organized to specifically answer immediate questions and provide resources to inventors.

Archimedes’ Offspring is the first and only NEW option for funding ideas and inventions of the independent inventor. For once inventors have the ability to get funding that is NOT a payback option and has nothing to do with his/her own credit! It is open to everyone and the potential of the “idea” gets evaluated, not the person behind the idea.
AOS uses a vetting process, designed to be done as a submission on the website, to determine which ideas qualify.

The meetings are now virtual and start at 6:00.

The Inventors Roundtable is a safe, free environment where Inventors can come and learn about the inventing process. We have a "workshop" atmosphere so that we can help inventors with all aspects of getting a concept out of your head and into the marketplace.

Learn as much as you can about the process, do your own due diligence and understand that when it is "time" inventing will cost money. Bring your questions, problems and resources to the meeting. Our topics are determined by the attendees.

Join us.

Our Mission: The Inventors Roundtable Mentoring and Funding Meetup is an innovative, SAFE and FREE forum where talented inventors and value-driven service providers can meet, connect and share experiences, insights and wisdom. This Meetup provides inventors with the right information to understand the inventing process and access to reputable service providers. Our Motto is "Don't Spend a Dime Before It is Time".

The Inventors Roundtable is the largest and one of the oldest inventor forums in Colorado. We work with Archimedes' Offspring the mentoring and funding mechanism for early stage inventors.

New inventors will meet other successful inventors who help mentor and advise regarding patents, engineering, marketing and licensing, product launch and crowdfunding. After 15 years of helping inventors, our success rate is above all others. When we work with an inventor to file a patent, our patent issue rate is well over the national average.

Our members do a variety of community outreach at schools, the state science and engineering fair and organizations throughout the nation. We also have meetings in Boston and Salt Lake City.

Service providers are by invitation only. Our meetings are never a feeding frenzy, unlike other meetups where the inventor is the main course.

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[CENTRAL MEETUP] Inventors Roundtable Meeting
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