What we're about

This group is for those who are looking to take control of their financial future! It is specifically designed for absolute beginners and those who don't know much at all about the stock market and investing but who are interested in learning about it.

Together we will help each other learn, discuss and take thought to new levels with studying the theory and practical side to the stock market and investing.

It's a safe, fun learning environment where we can support and bring out the best in each other whilst studying how to navigate these interesting economic times as best we can!

Don't worry if you don't know anything about investing, accounting or the markets! We'll be using both new information and things from your everyday life to help you learn.

What I love is that you can start investing from as little as £25 a month- you don't need to be mega rich, just a bit diligent!

Our main focus is on the 'Buy And Hold' strategy where an investor buys and holds investments for the long term riding out volatility.

Here's a trailer for the group:


We'll be using a variety of tools and techniques to help you get a solid grounding in the basics of investing and what works best for you when planning your financial future.

We'll be doing:

• Fun exercises

• Individual/pair/group work

• Written exercises

• Video/audio clips

• Discussions

• Using knowledge you already to apply to investing

• Helping you put together your own portfolio and working out what you want to do

I can't wait to connect, lots of love, Nick Xxx

NB: Investments can go up and down. You take full responsibility for all your decisions, if in doubt seek professional advice first.

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