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AGENDA 🚪 19:00 Virtual access this time, we will post the link. 🕖 19:30 - 20:30 To the Core of Core NFC NFC has been around for a while and we use it every day in things like Apple Pay but how does it work and what features are actually available for developers to use? Until recently NFC was pretty limited on iOS and devs used to struggle to find use cases they could implement in their apps. NFC itself has plenty of applications but we were not able to take full advantage of them because of these limitations but now that Apple has announced tag writing support, the game completely changes. Some of your Android friends might tell you: “Well we have had that for a long time!” and yeah it’s true, but without Apple opening their APIs it was hard for companies to find a compelling case to build apps where only one platform was going to be supported. In this talk, you will learn the basics of Near Field Communication such as tagging, different technologies, and specifications. We will also take a peak to these new features and implement some of them in a quick example and other possible applications. Join me to see why I think learning about the new Core NFC features are important and the long-lasting implications they will have around the world. What will the attendee learn? - Basics of Near Field communication and tagging - How to implement some of the new Core NFC features - The importance of the latest announcements and why these will have long-lasting implications around the world. 👨 speaker: https://github.com/tolkiana 🕖 20:30 - 21:30 App Center para compilar, distribuir y monitorear apps App Center permite distribuir aplicaciones de iOS, Android, Windows y macOS con más rapidez automatizando los ciclos de vida. App Center permite conectar el repositorio en cuestión de minutos, compilar aplicaciones en la nube, realizar pruebas en miles de dispositivos reales, distribuir la versión beta a los tester o a las tiendas de aplicaciones, y supervisar el uso real mediante la obtención de datos de errores y uso de la app. Durante la sesión revisaremos un ejemplo de la integración de algunos de los servicios de App Center en una aplicación iOS creada con Swift, la app hospedada en Github. 👩 speaker: https://github.com/humbertojaimes

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