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What we’re about

IOT Roundtable Chicago, organized by Softweb Solutions.

We are a group dedicated to discuss the Internet of Things, Predictive Analytics, Data Science and the real business value that an organization can derive out of it. Join industry experts, discuss and learn the benefits of IoT driven processes and learn the cutting edge technologies adopted. The goal is to educate and share the knowledge for IOT including sensors, IOT Cloud, Predictive Data Science and Industry use cases. The meet ups will be focused on real world use cases and will also have a workshop at the end of it.

We live in a world where things around us are changing with a lightning speed. Our gadgets, equipment and gears we use every day connected to one or another system. This integrated network of smart gadgets and sensors that share information with each other, widely known as Internet of Things (IoT), have played a major role in this radical shift to the smart era.

IoT is having a huge impact on various industries including:
Transportation and logistics
Consumer goods and services

Privacy Policy: We do not, under any circumstances, share personal data about our attendees. Registration is open to all and limited to what attendees enter when registering. We absolutely will not sell or distribute attendee lists for sales purposes. We will not share emails, phone numbers, company affiliation, employment status, or any other personal information with other attendees, companies or third parties.