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The Internet of Things Scotland Meetup group is open to software professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, enthusiasts, makers/hobbyists, and early-adopters. Topics covered include: M2M, Artificial Intelligence, Drones (UAVs), Self-Driving Vehicles, Machine Vision, Wearables (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Fitness Trackers, Smartwatches), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Industrial Asset Control & Monitoring, Smart Home, Smart City, Big Data, Robotics, Machine Learning, Autonomous Transport, Maker/Hacker products (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison), LPWAN, Sensors, 5G, Tech Startups, Wireless Sensor Networks.

IoT will transform the way we live and work. Connected sensors embedded within all kinds of objects will make the world around us smarter, safer, and more energy efficient. The IoT revolution is happening now, so join us!

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IoT North - UK Homes: Creating a healthier, more sustainable future with IoT

IoT North Community meetup presents Jessica Kuznia on IoT for housing

The UK has some of the oldest properties in Europe and they accounts for almost 20% of our national carbon emissions. With social housing alone accounting for almost half of that emission rate. The NHS is also estimating that it’s currently spending around £2.5 billion a year treating people for illnesses that are caused by the poor condition of their homes, such as mould, damp and excess cold.

In the last few years the housing sector have started to realise the power of IoT and its ability to solve some of the long standing issues affecting our aging homes. However, as a sector they've been long underserved by cumbersome legacy IT and a lack of sector expertise, making digital transformation a difficult and slow process.

How can we as technologists enable them overcome the barriers to IoT adoption, to help create a greener, healthier society for us all?


Case studies: IoT in the housing sector
What are the barriers to adoption?
What's next: The future of IoT in housing

Bio: Jessica Kuznia works as COO at Bimdl, a intelligence platform using blockchain to allow landlords to regain control of their asset data and crowdsource building intelligence. Previously to joining Bimdl, Jessica worked in the UK housing sector, leading on smart homes projects to deploy IoT into tenant properties.


Duration: 30 minutes plus questions

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