IOT//EDI (Internet of Things) #20

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18:15 - 18:20 WELCOME

18:20 - 18:30 Simon Montford ( (WEB3//IOT (

Open Forum; members are invited to make announcements, share news, seek project collaborators, promote their IoT events, and request topics for future Meetups.

18.30 - 18.50 Katie Lyne ( (CivTech (

Kate will talk about CivTech, a pilot being run by the Scottish Government's Digital Directorate. Its mission is to drive daring and innovation in order to harness the power of digital innovation for the public sector. She'll provide an overview of the programme, and will explain how anyone can apply in order to engage with the public sector in a meaningful, effective and productive way. Successful applicants could go on to build a product that solves a real-world challenge for a major public sector organisation. Applicants could therefore go on to build a business, and do some good along the way.

18.50 - 19.10 Bruce Nicolson ( (Intelligent Plant (

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is set to transform the way organisations operate across many different industry sectors including oil and gas. For example, intelligent networks have the potential to provide operators with realtime data insights that can help them reduce carbon emissions, while increasing operational efficiency and safety. Steve will talk about how his company's web-based digital platform enables other companies, as well as his own, to deploy digital tools that make use of sensor data very quickly. He will also show how his customers are leveraging data to generate real gains within their organisations.

19:10 - 19.30 Gavin Neate ( (Neatbox (

Last year Gavin gave a talk about Neatebox (his pedestrian crossing system that utilises Beacon technology) as well as his career with Guide Dogs. Since then he has started a new venture; a solution for customer service teams in the retail sector that uses the IoT to enable them to better serve the needs of disabled customers. Gavin will explain how his "Welcome" system will change customer service as we know it.

19:30 -19:50 DISCUSSION & PANEL Q&A

19:50 - 21:00 NETWORKING & DRINKS

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