IOT-EDI (Internet of Things) #38

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18:15 - 18:20 WELCOME

18:20 - 18:30 Simon Montford (WEB3//IOT)

Open Forum; members are invited to make announcements, share news, seek project collaborators, promote their IoT events, and request topics for future Meetups.

18:30 - 18:50 Andrew Cumming (Intelligent Growth Solutions)

At Intelligent Growth Solutions we build vertical farms. These 2/3 storey high industrial growing machines involve hundreds of complex components and monitor thousands of data points from an array of sensors. The traditional “control-panel” solution is challenged by the volume & complexity of data. We'll demonstrate some of our solutions to presenting the right data to co-workers on site. This includes the use of machine learning, image processing, IoT and VR/AR.

18:50 - 19.10 Bob Dryburgh (IoT + Whisky Tech)

Bob will talk about how his organisation uses IoT technology to track and monitor shipments of high-value whisky. Sensors are used to monitor cargo while in transit in order to check on location, temperature, motion and air quality. If a bottle is cracked and whisky is released, sensors will be able to measure the amount of ethanol released as a result.

19:10 - 19:30 Simon Montford (DX3)

DX3os will become an open source machine-to-machine (M2M) transaction layer for decentralised applications. It uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and has been designed exclusively for enterprise customers that operate heavy industrial machinery and equipment. The DX3 Consortium is seeking industry partners that wish to participate in the development of DX3os, so it can be used to facilitate new business models and more efficient processes across the entire value chain.

19:30 -19:50 DISCUSSION & PANEL Q&A

19:50 - 21:00 NETWORKING & DRINKS


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