Capturing Time Series Data at Scale with MQTT and OpenNMS + More!

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OpenNMS is a stable and powerful opensource tool for network monitoring. OpenNMS includes ElasticSearch forwarding, application monitoring, Grafana support, heatmaps, integrated graphing, as well as topology and geographic mapping. It also has a clustered time series database backend option (Cassandra-Newts). It includes a host of data collection options.

This presentation will demonstrate two use cases OpenNMS for IoT data collection and display. Firstly, via scrapping data from a webpage and secondly via MQTT messages forwarded by a device connected to a MultiTech LoRaWAN gateway.

The February IoTFuse MeetUp demonstrated MQTT data and LoRa radios. MQTT is a popular system for sending and receiving data and LoRa is a longrange radio technology.

Further information on these technologies are available at

An crowdsourced implementation to monitor air quality in the Solent (Great Britain) is described here: