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Beacons & InfluxDB and Grafana fighting together with IoT data attack

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Hello everyone!

I would like to invite you for a long-awaited meeting!
Take a look at agenda and join us in two weeks.


They promise that IoT (Internet of Things) will conquer the world. But what will tackle billions of bytes that flow into our servers every hour? First released in 2013, InfluxDB is used by eBay, Cisco, IBM and other big companies. It’s a production proven time-series storage. During this talk we're going to get acquainted with it and see how InfluxDB can help to solve your problems. We’ll see how to quickly install it on Amazon Web Services platform and how it scales. And for the dessert, we’re going to draw pretty Grafana graphs using InfluxDB data.

Ivan is a professional who thinks that "programming" means more than just writing a code. With 15 years experience in IT, Ivan tasted different aspects of the industry, including project management, system and DB administration, and software engineering. Lately, he has been delivering scalable solutions at Airly.

• Talk #2: Mikołaj Karebski "BEACONS: WHAT? HOW? WHEN?"

What are beacons?
How do they work?
What problems are they solving?
Is using of beacons safe?
IOT buzzword is known by everyone. When we talk about the Internet of Things, we cannot ignore solutions based on Bluetooth Low Energy such as Beacons. Despite the fact that so many available solutions are based on beacons, a huge number of users do not have a clue how do beacons work or what are the consequences of using them.
In this session, Mikolaj will answer to above questions, so everyone has a complete overview of the subject, regardless of their current knowledge in beacons field.

Mikołaj works for Virtus Lab as Software Engineer. Amateur speaker. Participates in Hackathons. Active Codefights member. Adores IOT and intelligent solutions. Loves "Programming Motherf*cker" methodology.


Very important message:

If you would like to share something among community, do not hesitate to poke us :) Speakers are always welcome.

Huge thanks to VirtusLab for sponsoring the event - venue, drinks & video.

See you soon!
IoT Team