Internet of Things Meetup 26 - A Lorra LoRAWAN


We've got two talks this month! Both with links to LoRaWAN, the long-range, low-power network that we first heard of back in September.

Patrick Fenner will be talking about "Launching an accidental telecommunications network"...

When the radio protocol you're using carries so far that it's difficult not to be able to connect, the service pushing data to the internet through allows public access by default, and you want coverage in a couple of places; it quite hard to not be launching a telecommunications network! All it really needs, is a bit more effort to find good locations, and some more people to host gateways, and a few people's interest turns into a community asset.

The Things Network Liverpool ( is the local branch of the global movement to make it easier to connect small devices to the internet. By using a radio protocol called LoRaWAN, which can send data with low power, over long distances; coupled with low cost radio-to-internet gateways, you can create your own access point or connect devices with the minimum barrier to entry.

After that, we'll be hearing about the latest developments at Sensor City ( A lot has happened since we heard about the initial bid (back in March 2014, at our fourth meetup (!), including some work on an alternative LoRaWAN network.

There has been a lot of talk about Sensor City, but what do you know about it and how might this new innovation centre and University Enterprise Zone be of use to you? Joanne Phoenix, Business Development lead for Sensor City, will be on hand to update on key activities, facilities and timescales and answer your questions.

Sensor City are generously sponsoring the pizza and MCQN Ltd ( is sponsoring the beer, so there'll be pizza and refreshments from 6:30pm, with the talks starting at 7(ish)

6h00m - Doors open

6h30m - Pizza

7h00m - Intro and housekeeping

7h05m - Launching an accidental telecommunications network

7h30m - Sensor City update and Q&A

7h50m - Networking until the beer runs out...