What we're about

The IoTMK Meetup is a place to connect things.

What gets connected?

• Maybe it's the next few objects of the billions that will supposedly be connected to the internet in the next few years.

• Maybe it's you, to suppliers or customers, to knowledge and to the opportunities that go along with this expansion.

• Maybe it's your thinking. We're all working this out as we go along and hearing how other people are making sense, or not, of all this might be just the insight you need.

Our aim is to develop and promote MK's involvement in IoT.

Come along to learn, challenge and maybe redefine what IoT means.

Past events (14)

IoTMK:12 Back to life. Back to reality. Back to the beer and now.

MK:U Innovation Hub

IoTMK:11 The Missing Links

This event has passed

IoTMK:10 I want you to play with my Bring-A-Thing

NatWest, Silbury House

IoTMK:9 Singing AI, AI, yippee, API

NatWest, Silbury House

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