Mobile UX for IoT: App Development for Stronger Customer Relationships

Internet of Things Ottawa Meetup
Internet of Things Ottawa Meetup
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When developing an IoT solution, there are so many things for product owners to focus on, from platform selection and connectivity to security and marketability. So much focus is placed on the technology stack and functionality, often leaving the interface design and user experience overlooked. Having a UX centric approach throughout development will help make your connected products more engaging, responsive, and more attuned to users needs and wants.

Come and learn from Anders Jeppsson about mobile UX for IoT, including the following topics:

⦁ How UX for connected products is different from regular UX
⦁ Challenges with developing mobile apps for IoT solutions
⦁ The importance of optimizing product design based on app usage data

Since engaged, returning customers can be one of a company’s greatest assets, this session will discuss how to increase IoT product value with well designed, customer need-focused applications.

A mobile app can enable an ongoing connection between your company and your customers. And, a well thought out user interface design and experience will offer your products a competitive advantage. It will increase customer engagement, improve customer service and help build brand loyalty.


Anders Jeppsson
UX & Software Engineering Manager, Syntronic

Anders Jeppsson is a Swedish/Canadian technology executive, living in Ottawa with a global background in UX design, game development, mobile apps, IoT and digital innovation.

Anders worked as a technology evangelist and as a director of strategic business development on a global level; founded, built, ran and sold a gaming studio, a digital design studio and led the strategy and execution to successfully re-position of a 400-person Swedish telecom consultancy. More recently he's run an IoT start-up, an interactive digital marketing team and led product strategy.

Currently Anders is the head of rapidly growing 50-person UX/Mobile/Full-stack design studio at Syntronic in Ottawa.