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This is a group for people interested in creating, designing, building or discussing the Internet of Things. Or just simply learning more about it.

At the moment we're running monthly meetups. If you would like to propose a topic or a guest (perhaps yourself), do get in touch!

Tweets @iotstockholm (https://twitter.com/iotstockholm) and video from select meetups @ YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw6enLH4z5GhSjPlaUE0g2Q)

Past events (32)

IoT Sthlm #30: Scalability & Data


IoT Sthlm #29: Connected Mobility

United Spaces

IoT Sthlm #28: How to connect your thing

IIS Internetstiftelsen i Sverige

IoT Sthlm #27: IoT Up in the Clouds


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