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Welcome!!! The Des Moines French Group is a great way of meeting French speakers and practicing French in a relaxed environment. This group is for anyone and EVERYONE who wants to speak French or just practice and form new friendships. It doesn't matter what level you are, just come along and enjoy yourself! The purpose of this group is to have fun!

The Des Moines French group is supported by the UFE Midwest. More information on

Nous sommes très heureux et heureuses de vous accueillir parmi nous !. La participation active aux réunions est une opportunité pour ceux qui apprennent le français d'améliorer leur élocution et pour les francophones d'origine de continuer à parler leur langue maternelle. Vous aurez le plaisir de constater une amélioration évidente de la langue ou un maintien sérieux dus aux séances régulières. Beaucoup ont la chance aussi d'établir des liens d'amitié. C'est donc avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme que nous attendons votre prochaine visite !

The Des Moines French group est organisée par l'association UFE Iowa-Nebraska-Missouri. Plus d'infos sur

*** Details about the Des Moines French group Meetup membership:

I. Membership fees are payable via a PayPal link located on the group’s site. (If you would like to pay by another method, please contact the organizer).

All new members are permitted 3 months to try the group (i.e. you not have to pay for membership to the group until your trial period is over). Membership fees are due punctually upon the completion of the free trial.

Membership fees serve to pay for:

The monthly fee that charges to the organizer
The time and effort of organizing events
• Members also pay for the service of having a calendar filled with free or low-cost, high-quality activities and events, all over the city at their disposal.
• And lot’s more- just take a look at the group! Just the quality of the group more than validates the small fee.
iv. Once a member has paid their Membership Fee they will no longer have the title “Trial member” and may take part in all group activities and discussions
Organizers are not required to pay the Membership fee for this group
Sometimes a small fee may be required to attend some events; this fee has been proven to ensure member attendance.

Membership Termination

• By joining the group, members agree to adhere to the rules and Bylaws explained in this document.
• Membership can be terminated for the following reasons:

b. Use of the group site to promote unapproved businesses, sending unapproved messages and making unapproved announcements to members.
c. Any threats, use of violence, or unsafe behavior towards group members and/ or their children.
d. Inactivity (after a period of 2 months of not attending events, not communicating or not participating in the online aspects of the group)
e. Sharing or reproducing the information on the group’s pages by any unapproved methods, including plagiarism, spamming members, etc..
f. Misuse of the Member Directory
g. Being a consistent No-Show at events. This is recorded in your Attendance History.

D. Hosting an Event
E. I encourage members to host Events (in their homes or at public locations).
F. ii. Group members who host Events may contact the organizer with all event information including but not limited to: event name, description, address, phone number, limit of persons allowed to attend the event (if applicable),

H. iv. If at any time a host cannot attend an event, the host is required to inform members who have RSVPed, of this change.
I. v. A host may cancel an event anytime prior to the event and should inform the attending members, and/ or the group’s organizer if they cannot get into contact with the attending members.
J. 2 RSVP Policy- RSVP’s are essential for ALL group events.

***The Des Moines French Meetup is facilitated by the UFE du Midwest. What is the UFE?

Union des Français de l'étranger / The Oversea’s French Association /

The UFE Midwest ( primarily organizes numerous festive events and represents French nationals living in the Midwest. It belongs to the Oversea’s French Association UFE , founded in France in 1927, is a society recognized by public services; it is non-political and non-confessional. It is represented in 100 countries in the world with over 170 committees, which makes up a unique network worldwide. One of the UFE’s oldest objectives is to create and maintain a direct contact between French nationals abroad and France. In the Midwest, the UFE promotes French language and helps French speakers practice and newcomers to integrate into the local society. The association organizes regular events open to all. UFE MIDWEST IS A 501C 3 EXEMPT TAX

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