From UX to Service Design


Helloo ! =)

You are invited to our amazing workshop about Service Design.

Join us and learn with Sofi Dalponte, Product & Service Designer and UX/UI Instructor of Ironhack.

Service Design is all about fulfilling user desires and needs with your services.

It consists of planning and organizing the people, the infrastructure, the communication and the elements of a service in order to deliver the best possible service for the user.

That means: the user is definitely the center!
It's all about giving value and getting results.

- What's the role of a UX Designer in all this Service Design world.
- The relationship between UX and Service Design.
- What is the day to day work of a UX designer working for Service Design
- What kind of projects do companies demand from UX designers working in Service Design

A talk worth hearing from one of the key persons in the UX and Service Design industry!

Sofia Dalponte | Product Designer & UX/UI Designer Instructor @Ironhack

Sofía is a passionate human being, willing to change education to meet the needs of real people in today's tech scene. Her experience in production, non-formal educational and product design lead her to come closer to service design in order to get "the big picture" and plan better experiences for all #ironhackers around the world.

18:30 - Welcome
18:45 - Workshop: Designing for experience
19:30 - Q&A with Sofia
19:45 - Snacks, Ironbeers and Connection time

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