Global Internet Governance – Successes and Challenges for ICANN and beyond

Hosted by Internet Society - NY Chapter (ISOC-NY)

Public group


Join Chris Mondini of ICANN (, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, to hear how multistakeholder participation helped globalize the Internet and learn what is on the horizon - for Internet addresses, technical coordination, and thorny geopolitical issues.

This will be structured as an interactive, Brown Bag Q&A session.


Christopher Mondini is ICANN's Vice President, Global Business Engagement and leads ICANN business engagement initiatives worldwide. He works to broaden and deepen relationships with companies beyond the domain name sector, to educate global business on the workings and role of ICANN, and to provide ways for continued dialogue and collaboration on Internet Governance issues. His aim is for the voice of business to be heard in a rapidly evolving multi-stakeholder framework. He is also Vice President, Stakeholder Engagement, for North America.

Christopher began his professional life as a United States diplomat and later became a corporate investigator with Deloitte. He has investigated the world’s largest corporate corruption cases, while working with NGOs and business organizations on ways to mitigate corruption risks. He also led grant-making teams for the Full Circle Fund, an engaged philanthropy organization addressing economic development challenges. Christopher holds degrees from Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities. Throughout his career in Washington and Silicon Valley, he has dedicated his career to bridging communications gaps that occur among diverse sectors -- public, private and nonprofit – and across international borders.