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The first 90 days in a new Product Leader role - Data & Impact

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The first 90 days in a new Product Leader role - Data & Impact


Woohoo! We have some exciting stuff for October'23.

We'll be hosting a special event about your first 90 days in a new Product Leader role, we'll look at different aspects and specific tactics :)

We are hosting 2 speakers:
Shani Fargun, Product Lead @ Sight Diagnostics
Shani is an experienced and accomplished product leader with a strong background in healthcare, AI, and data. As part of her previous role as an application specialist, she traveled to over 100 destinations globally to train physicians on medical simulators. Additionally, Shani actively participates in the W2W 8200 program, promoting diversity and empowerment of women, and is part of John Bryce's speakers at the flagship PM course.

Alon Binman, Data Expert & Partner @ Product Craft
Alon is a renowned data expert, previously working and representing MixPanel in Israel. Alon is consulting the leading companies in Israel on the best use of data and instrumentation. Alon is also a partner in Product Craft, a Product Management consulting agency.

When: Wednesday, 18/10 @ 18:00
Where: TipRanks offices - Weizmann 2, Tel Aviv (5th Floor)

Entrance is free as always, but you do need to RSVP :)

Here are the full details:

Shani Fargun - 30-60-90 Day Plan: A Complete Guide for Product Managers
As product managers, starting a new position is one of the most exciting moments of our lives. However, there’s a lingering fear that we might not learn everything quickly or meet expectations. Moving between various organizations from a small start-up to a huge corporate I experienced this phase firsthand several times, both as a manager and as an employee. In this talk, I will show you how to create and follow a 30-60-90 days plan to maximize your impact from day one, with concrete examples from my experience so that both you and your manager benefit from it.

Alon Binman - How to understand and build your data plan as a new Lead PM
As someone who has consulted and worked for dozens of companies, from startups to corporations, being a PM Leader myself for many years - I want to share insights and strategies on how to approach the data aspect when starting a new role as a PM. An extremely essential aspect of any product managers job.

Note: The talks will be held in HEBREW

Please do spread the word with your friends and co-workers (who are also your friends!) -

Thanks to the great folks from TipRanks for hosting our Meetup!

The Meetup is powered by Product Craft - A Product Management consulting agency, helping startups build great products!

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