Size matters! Big data processing on AWS

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17:30 - Gathering, Pizza and Beers

18:00 - AWS Server-Less SQL engines: Amazon Athena and Amazon Redshift Spectrum

by Antonio Alvarez, Business Development Manager, Big Data, EMEA @ AWS

An overview on the AWS Big Data Platform, followed by a drill-down into Amazon Athena, the Server-less SQL engine for exploratory and Ad-hoc analysis on S3/Data Lake - and Amazon Redshift Spectrum, the server-less query engine that natively connects Amazon Redshift to S3/Data Lake in order to expand the use cases of the data warehouse

18:45 - Build and scale complex data processes with AWS ECS, SQS, and Lambda

by Alon Reznik, System Architect @ Rivery

Learn to build and scale batch process system with minimum latency and maximum performance by using containers architecture and orchestrating it with AWS ECS, SQS,EFS, and DynamoDB. In addition, we will show how to tackle the challenges of down-scaling a running service using Lambda and EC2 Lifecycle Hooks.