Swiss Cooperative – a suitable governance model for blockchain projects?

Blockchain For Good Initiative - Crypto Valley
Blockchain For Good Initiative - Crypto Valley
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Blockchain projects bring some huge advantages to the tech sphere. It can create more transparency, reduce transaction costs and increase the pace of transaction settlements. But most importantly, it gives the power back to the people in a fully decentralized and fully user-controlled network. There even were some first projects aiming on a complete self-governance of such networks, which failed miserably.

healthbank, however, believes that the decentralized and user-controlled network is achievable with the right structure of governance in place. healthbank itself is built on a neutral, independent and safe data infrastructure (utilizing blockchain where it makes sense and not utilizing where it doesn’t) and chose to operate as a cooperative as this is the best business model to match their goals of user control, trustworthiness and empowerment of the community.

After an initial presentation, Karsten Stampa will moderate a discussion about this controversial topic.

Moderation by Karsten Stampa

Panel participants:
CEO healthbank: Reto Schegg,
Business and Governance Design: Franco Taisch
Blockchain: Luke Szkudlarek (What.Digital)
Legal: Roland Kogens (Froriep)