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The future of configuration management - mini talks

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Let's meet and discuss thoughts about where we are with config management in 2016. What do we consider good practices, and what do we see happening currently with how we write code to manage our increasingly diverse(?) and distributed systems?

Jan Ivar Beddari (IPnett) and Marco Marongiu (Opera) were both recently ignite talk speakers at the excellent Config Management Camp in Gent, Belgium. We'll do reruns of our short talks and then open the floor to discussion or any other contributors. Questions, ideas, your own short talk, if you got something to share, join us!

"The three legs of modern configuration management":

"A post-CM infrastructure delivery pipeline":

Due to the just-in-time adhoc scheduling, space is limited to around 30 people. We're hoping to use the small room on 3rd floor of Teknologihuset.

If there is interest we might head over to Café Laundromat for a few beverages after the event: