From Kaggle to decisions in the real world


Dear Kagglers and data science enthusiasts,

we're back with the fourth Kaggle Days meetup in Milan!

This time, we'll have the pleasure to host Pietro Marinelli, a Kaggle expert and a machine learning enthusiast with a broad experience in different industries.

This is the agenda:
- 18.30 Doors open at Banco BPM (Via Massaua 6, Milano - Sala Blu - Auditorium Bezzi 2)
- 19.00 Intro by Kaggle Days organizers and welcome speech by Alberto Mossetti - Head of Advanced CRM in Banco BPM
- 19.15 Main talk by Pietro Marinelli
- 20.15 Q&A
- 20.45 Aperitivo & networking

Talk abstract:
Starting from Kaggle competitions and relative models that proved to be effective, Pietro will show how to preliminary phases (exploratory data analysis and feature engineering) and interpretable results are the keys to turn the results into enterprise strategies.
For instance, feature importance analysis can represent the starting point for actions on the most relevant variables.
Besides this, when the predictive power of the model is satisfactory, a "what-if" approach can be used to simulate various scenarios.
On the flip side, some strategies that appear to be effective, actually have some hidden pitfalls and end up not being feasible. The interaction between domain experts and developers of machine learning models will lead to results that are precious... and actionable!

About our speaker, Pietro Marinelli:
Pietro is a Data Scientist that has been working with artificial intelligence, text analytics, geospatial analysis and many other data science techniques for 14 years. He has designed products based on data and a variety of algorithms ranging from predictive modeling to advanced simulation to support top management's business decisions. His work has been used successfully by different multinational companies and organizations (Toyota, Boehringer Ingelheim, United Nations among others). He is also an Artificial Intelligence professor for Msc Courses and he is collaborating as an author and reviewer for the international publishing company Packt. He took part at Kaggle Days Paris in February 2019 with Luca Massaron presenting a workshop about Competitive GBDT Specification and Optimization. Recently he took part as a speaker at the Italian Chamber of Deputies talking about the impact of Kaggle and Gamification on the new job market scenarios .
More information:

Looking forward to seeing you at this event and to growing the Italian Kaggle community!

Disclaimer: the event will be recorded and audio/video/photos could be published on websites and social pages of the host and its partners. Registering to the event, you consent to the processing of personal data for the aforementioned purposes.