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IA, UX and Taxonomy in Digital Agencies, Aref Makooi & Alex Rodger

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Canada Water Culture Space

Canada Water Library, 21 Surrey Quays Road, London, SE16 7AR · Londra

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Canada Water Public Library, 2nd Floor, Meeting Room 6

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Researching, creating and implementing a taxonomy into a website can be challenging. But when done right, it will form the base of a website’s user experience spanning the navigational menu, page layouts and content. Achieving this in a digital project and working with digital teams, is a different experience.
Using creative methods to present taxonomic concepts can help overcome these challenges – it will help the team to understand it’s purpose and how it can be implemented. As a result, it helps the project run smoothly.
Implementing a website taxonomy requires a thorough understanding of the client and their objectives, knowledge around website content management platforms, and an appreciation for the scale of the task at hand.
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