Cloud Native CI/CD with GitOps


Antonio Liccardi comes from Italy to talk about Cloud-native GitOps!

GitOps is a practice that helps developers to simplify operations and CI/CD. It works by using Git as a single source of truth for declarative infrastructure and applications. Starting from GitOps principles, we will walk through examples that illustrate what tools and best practices to use.

Antonio Liccardi is a book author and trainer working as Cloud Developer and DevOps Engineer at Blexin. Thanks to his love for sharing, he co-founded “DotNetCampania” (an Italian .NET community), with which he helps others to improve their knowledge about .NET Ecosystem and more in general about coding.
Antonio is a frequent speaker at local and Italian conferences, and Microsoft has awarded him as MVP for Visual Studio Developer Technologies since 2015.
You can find him on Twitter as @turibbio