ApplyAI@1 - E2E Computer Vision Tensorflow Workshop

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Dear all,

ML Milan is thrilled to announce a new format called ApplyAI, where we will take the practical side of Machine Learning to the next level with live coding sessions. During these labs you will learn how to use modern ML tools and libraries to solve real problems.
This session will be held in English and it is required to have understanding of Python language.

“E2E Computer Vision with Tensorflow”
In this workshop, we will solve computer vision tasks like image classification, image segmentation, image detection and face detection in Python, with Madhu offering an end to end problem analysis from theory up to code implementation.

Madhu Sanjeevi
Madhu is a machine learning scientist and AI researcher, currently working at Logos 01. After working in Mumbai (India), he recently moved to Italy in Mantova and he will be showing a live coding session.

Join us on Saturday 15th of June at and, in Via Speronari, 8. The event will start after 10.15 AM and will finish around 2 PM, hosted in office, with an appetizer offered by during the event.
Looking forward to see you and remember to bring your laptop.