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ApplyAI@6 - Find-my-dog: Hands-on Workshop on a Computer Vision solution

Machine Learning Milan
Machine Learning Milan
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Hey all!

While all of us are stuck at home, we are happy to announce another Online event with a brand new ApplyAI series event, where we take on the practical side of Machine Learning to the next level with live coding sessions.

Zoom Meeting link:
Zoom Meeting ID:[masked]

Please, follow the lesson with your laptop, you will be provided with a Colab environment.

Find-my-dog: Pick a dog image and search an archive for similar dogs

In this session the following topics will be discussed:
- Image identification: problem approach using neural networks
- Application to dog identification: a real-world Keras-based solution
- Siamese networks
- Triplet loss
- Offline triplet mining vs Online mining
- Triplet generator

Roberto Castrioto
Roberto is an ML practitioner, currently developing NLP components for his own start-up project. He started with Machine Learning 6 years ago, following a life-long passion, after leaving his previous experience as sales & marketing director at Attachmate.
Although his current focus is on NLP, Roberto is a consultant with experience also in search, recommender systems and computer vision projects.

Where? Join us on Saturday 4th of April via Zoom. The event will start after 10 AM and will finish around[masked]