Coming into her Own: Reclaiming Womanhood

Mother-Daughter Magic: Creating Sacred Connection
Mother-Daughter Magic: Creating Sacred Connection
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*Helping your daughter maintain a healthy relationship with her body through adolescence and into adulthood*

Just because her body has slowed down when it comes to physical changes, doesn't mean that she has finished adapting to those changes. In order to create healthy women who see their bodies for the valuable, sacred vessels that they are, we must plant those seeds as early as possible.

During this talk we will touch on topics such as menstruation, sex, consent, pleasure, contraception, sexual health, body image, body positivity, treating our bodies with kindness and love, navigating a world build on the back of media, the beauty industry and diet culture, exploration of our physical self and how to decide what feels right, cyclical living and living in harmony with nature.

A strong mother-daughter bond is based on certain values and ideals. We cannot leave the body out of the body-mind-soul equation and it may be more important than you first thought, when it comes to creating a trusting and honest connection with your daughter.

Please feel free to bring a notebook and pen should you wish to take notes.

The location is yet to be decided and will be confirmed as soon as it is secured.