OpenShift 4 and OKD 4: What's new and what's next!

OpenShift and Cloud Native Milan
OpenShift and Cloud Native Milan
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2020 will be an incredible year for Containerization and Cloud Native, with Kubernetes becoming de facto the fabric for any modern AppDev and DevOps use case, and Red Hat is proud to contribute and help in order to reach this goal with new versions of OpenShift 4 and OKD 4 based on RHEL/Fedora CoreOS and Operator Framework!

OpenShift 4 and OKD 4: What's new and what's next!

As a warm-up to KubeCon EU, we are excited to announce this meetup to discover new capabilities offered by OpenShift 4 in terms of Development tools and Deployment strategies,for Stateless, Stateful and Serverless (scale-to-0) apps.
We will update the Community about OKD4 and Fedora CoreOS status and do discussions around "hot" topics such as Kubernetes Operators and Multi-cluster with GitOps.

We will do this meetup both in italian and english with international speakers

18:30 Welcome & Update on OKD4 & Fedora CoreOS - Natale Vinto (Red Hat)
18:45 Why Operators are relevant to Developers - Tero Ahonen (Red Hat)
19:15 The Operator Framework for Kubernetes - Matt Dorn (Red Hat Engineering)
19:45 🍕 Pizza Break 🍻
20:00 What's new in Knative and Serverless - Francesco Guardiani (Red Hat Engineering)
20:30 OpenShift and Multi-cluster in the GitOps era - Alessandro Arrichiello (Red Hat)

Matt Dorn is a Principal Engineer at Red Hat, and helps hundreds of IT teams around the world succeed with cloud native technology.

Francesco Guardiani is a Software Engineer at Red Hat, working on Knative project and OpenShift Serverless.

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