R-Lab #1 : RStudio addins: a shortcut to your favourite functionalities

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Hi everybody!

This is our first R-Lab and we are so eager to start!

The R-Lab is an R laboratory, where R users meet and work together on real data science problems, exchange their knowledge and needs. This is our first edition, so we are ready to start with the following (probably slightly different from the next ones!) agenda:

18:45 : Meeting at Mikamai

19:00 : Intro: The R-Lab format + Theme of the day: RStudio addins: a shortcut to your favorite functionalities

19:40 : Get some nice pizza (for those who want it)

19:45 : Coding together + eating the above pizza

22:00 : Comments and feedbacks

22:30 : Greetings and see you soon!

A bit more about the theme of the day

Most of you may be familiar with RStudio, but most likely not so many of you know an RStudio feature which is called Addin. The Addins are a way of interactively executing R functions from RStudio user interface, either through keyboard shortcuts, or through an interactive menu. In other words, you have a way to call a function, that you often use, with a simple shortcut; more than this, you can interact with RStudio itself, e.g. with the cursor position, the file content etc, to the extent of building addins as local shiny gadgets!

During this first R-Lab we are going to introduce the Addins and how they work.

Then we’ll try to address some open problems building ad hoc Addins, working together in small groups.

Everything we build will be collected on Github and made available for everybody.

Who is this event for

Either you are an R expert, a basic user or just curious, you are welcome!

What to bring

Be sure to bring your own computer, possibly with the latest version of RStudio (or at least one that supports Addins).

Where to go

We will be hosted by Mikamai (https://www.mikamai.com/) and LinkMe (http://linkme.it/) in their location, in Via Giulio e Corrado Venini, 42 (very close to the Pasteur metro station).

The doorbell is Mikamai: when you enter, go straight, cross the inner courtyard of the building, you face a metal door with a sheet with Mikamai written. The office is the last (and only) floor.

See you soon!