R-Lab #2 - Shiny & Maps: a geo representation of earthquakes evolution with R

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Hi everybody! We are ready to announce our second R-Lab!

Last time we met and checked our ability to co-work on R code. Now it’s time to go ahead and start with what will hopefully be the definitive R-Lab format: an organisation presents a real problem, we quickly provide the R tools to solve it and we work on it all together.

This time the R topic is very intriguing: Shiny and maps! As several of you would know, Shiny is the R specific framework for interactive visualization, while packages as ggmap and Leaflet provide several functions for georeferencing and mapping data.

These tools will be very useful for handling the task proposed by our first presenter: EarthCloud, an organisation aimed at building a close link between information technologies and earth sciences related to risk prevention. With their help we will work on a very hot-topic: map the earthquakes that happened over a specific fault, to study the fault evolution over time and provide qualitative and quantitative insights about it. As always, working in team, hands on R code!


18:45 : Meeting at Mikamai

19:00 : Intro: Earthquakes data and fault evolution + R tools for mapping and Shiny

19:30 : Get a pizza (for those who want it)

19:45 : Coding together while eating the pizza.

The goal is: build a shiny app to map the fault evolution over time, enriching as much as possible the app with qualitative and quantitative insight about the earthquakes

22:30 : Greetings and see you soon!

A bit more about the proposer - EarthCloud

EarthCloud is an association that aims at creating a strong link between new information technologies (distributed systems, Cloud, serverless, etc.) and earth sciences related to risk prevention (seismic, geological and environmental), in order to increase population protection.

Who is this event for

Either you are an R expert, a basic user or just curious, you are welcome! The R-Lab is a space for learning and sharing knowledge, working together on a challenging goal.

If you are a geologist or a an expert of earth science, you are welcome as well! We appreciate your contribution about the meaning of what we are doing :)

What to bring

Be sure to bring your own computer, possibly with the latest version of RStudio.

Where to go

We will be hosted by Mikamai and LinkMe in their location, in Via Giulio e Corrado Venini, 42 (very close to the Pasteur metro station).

The doorbell is Mikamai: when you enter, go straight, cross the inner courtyard of the building, you face a metal door with a sheet with Mikamai written. The office is the last (and only) floor.

See you soon!