R-Lab#5 - Personalized medicine with R

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We are here announcing the next RLab! In the fifth RLab we change perspective and will have the opportunity to use R in the biomedical domain: personalized medicine and a medical risks evaluation dashboard. Our habits and lifestyle have a huge impact on our health and they influence greatly the medical risks associated to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Medical guidelines exist to assess these risks for obesity, type two diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular health.

Led by Riccardo L. Rossi, computational biologist and bioinformatics facility manager at INGM (Istituto Nazionale Genetica Molecolare) in Milan, we will use the official medical guidelines currently used to calculate these risks using personal and medical parameters such as blood pressure, weight, blood glucose, cholesterol and others. We will implement these guidelines as algorithms into R functions and we will try to visualize results with graphical dashboard, according to the current personalized medicine and quantified self paradigms. Examples will be given and discussed. Bring your own medical data (the most recent blood test is fine!), annotate your body weight and height, we will measure your blood pressure (if you do not know it yet) and you will be able to calculate your own risks for those four important medical areas.
Genetics too has a big role in the personal medical risks... but this is another story! We will talk about it but unfortunately we are not able to sequence your DNA in just one evening!

19:00 Meeting at Mikamai
- Intro (a few slide on the topics and a few slide on some comparable personalized med applications)
- Pizza and coding
22:00 Bye bye and see you soon

- Implement R functions calculating risk for 4 medical areas (obesity, type two diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular health)
- Visualize results of the above functions
- Assemble graphics in a pers-med dashboard

* Who is this event for

Either you are an R expert, a basic user or just curious, you are welcome! The R-Lab is a space for learning and sharing knowledge, working together on a challenging goal.

If you are a biologist or an expert in the medical area, you are welcome as well! We appreciate your contribution about the meaning of what we are doing :)

* What to bring

Be sure to bring your own computer, possibly with the latest version of R and RStudio.

* Where to go

We will be hosted by Mikamai and LinkMe in their location, in Via Giulio e Corrado Venini, 42 (very close to the Pasteur metro station).

The doorbell is Mikamai: when you enter, go straight, cross the inner courtyard of the building, you will face a metal door with a sheet with Mikamai written. The office is the last (and only) floor.