Vegan Meetup @ SCuP


Next week we will participate in a vegan community dinner @SCuP, a social center focused on community sport activities. Just like Forte Prenestino, where we organized our first meetup, SCuP is another cool, relaxed place with tasty yet cheap food. If you are into exploring an alternative Rome, SCuP is where the itinerary should start.

SCuP is located close to Pigneto area, which some call "Rome's Berlin," where we can go for a drink after the dinner and explore street art and hipsterish bar scene.

The participation in this event is free of charge. You should, of course, pay for your food :)

We want to be able to talk to each other which is why we have limited the number of places to 10. Please RSVP with "yes" only if you are sure you'll come.

We will be there from 20.30.

See you there!