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Making friends as an adult is so hard that we've all settled on downloading this cute little app with the hopes of making just one decent friend post-college. Even if you go to a Meetup event, the chances are slim on finding your dream BFF... and, even if you do, they probably live in Grapevine while you're renting in Deep Ellum. Tough stuff.

It's hard to make friends as an adult but maybe if we all try and put ourselves out there we can take control of our social lives & build some new friendships. & if that doesn't work at least we can drink some margaritas and post a quick group selfie on our social media to make our high school friends back home jealous.

I'll be honest, I'm not one of those hosts who is going to hold your hand and introduce you to everyone while saying cheesy sh*t like "Welcome to our group! We're SOOO glad you joined us!" I could literally care less. I'm here to drink, enjoy the event, and make a few friends myself. If you message me asking about parking I'm probably going to send you a link to Google Maps where you can look it up yourself. Sometimes I might cancel an event because I have literally an entire life outside of this. I don't call venues ahead because you guys love to back out last minute. It is what it is. Friending as an adult means compromise & low expectations.

I do have a few ground rules before we go any further:

1. THIS GROUP ISN'T FOR DATING! Like keep it in your pants for one minute. Dating is an entirely different hard thing to do as an adult. This group is for meeting and making potential friendships. If something mutually develops between you and a member, by all means! If there's one thing I hate it's a c*ck block. BUT DON'T COME WITH THAT INTENTION! I WILL REMOVE YOU SO FAST!!!!!!!
2. Age is just a number but if you're under 21 you absolutely cannot join because I only do events where I can consume a large amount of liquid courage.
3. We don't judge in this group so if you're someone who gets their undies in a bunch please find a different one.
4. If you do anything offensive in this group or in a member's DMs I will report you so fast!
5. We are inclusive in this group! All religions, backgrounds, ethnicities, political views, etc, etc. are welcome & if you have an issue with that then maybe that's why you have no friends.
6. Lastly, we're in a pandemic and I don't care what Youtube told you about the vaccine - I highly suggest only coming to events if you are healthy and not worried about catching anything.

I guess that's about all. If you want to join the fastest growing social club on Meetup then I hope to see ya soon! Follow me on Instagram @meetwithmacey to stay in touch and check out my soon-to-be podcast at ✨