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Are you trying to make friends but finding it just a *tad* bit more difficult than your elementary or college days? You're not alone. IT IS HARDER! Now people have responsibilities, partners, children, and (usually wrong) opinions. The worst part is that once you actually find a potential friend, you find out they live in Rosenberg and you live in Conroe!

There's a million reasons why you might want to reclaim your social life as an adult. Maybe you're going through a divorce and realizing all your friends are your partner's friends. Maybe you just moved to town for a new job . Maybe you out grew that friend group you made in high school. Maybe you just need new friends. Whatever the reason - I'm confident my group will provide you with the social life you've been craving.

Why you should join my group out of the literal thousands of other Meetups:

1. Let's be real - you're reading this description right now because what you've been doing hasn't been working. Take a chance & join the fastest growing social club in Houston! There's a reason we have almost 6,000+ Houstonians in our group.

  1. Our events are pretty bad a$$. I like to mock the awkwardness that is meeting random strangers off the internet. I often do themed events to get everyone excited & provide natural ice breakers. I put creative spins on mundane happy hours.

3. I can vouch for HUNDREDS of our members when I say they're all awesome people! I'm personally friends with so many of y'all and I know for a fact these are people that make you ever question why your social life was in a slump to begin with.

  1. I'm an authentic host. I started hosting because I found myself in the same position as so many of you. My best friend died and I was going through a break up. I realized I had no social life of my own. So I made a group and took control of my life. I host because I know what it's like to be lonely/isolated. I also don't *&$! around. I will remove someone from this group faster than how fast people drive on I-45. If you want someone who gets it and doesn't put up with creeps, etc - I'm your host with the most!

Feeling inspired yet?! Just join the d*mn group! We also have a podcast and our own premium membership that you can join for $20 a year. Our premium membership gets you into our group chats, premium events, & the ability to connect with other Houstonians + join/create your own groups on our members portal through our website! Go premium here for $20 a year!

Let's stay in touch! Follow me on Instagram / TikTok (@meetwithmacey) and check out our podcast "Hard To Make Friends As An Adult" on Spotify & all major streaming platforms! You can also listen to our podcast for friendship tips here :)

*ALL members of our group must be 21+. We are an inclusive & welcoming group. Our group focuses on platonic friendships only. All members should use caution when meeting any other member at or away from events. By joining our group, you agree to our Rules & Terms!

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