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So here's the deal you guys: Making friends as an adult is basically impossible because no one has any free time, everyone has an opinion on something, and, when you finally do find a potential friend, you find out that they live in Rosenberg and you live in Conroe 🥴

I've learned that Meetup.com is basically the only option for making some new BFFs if you're not the "join a sports league" type or the "super outgoing person who makes random friends when buying a cup of coffee" type. It’s really the only shot most of us have got.

Before you just jump on this Meetup bandwagon, I do enforce a few rules for being a part of this fab time:

DO NOT JOIN (& you may very well find yourself kicked out!) THIS MEETUP IF:

1. You're looking to meet your soulmate 💔 PLOT TWIST - I actually did meet my soulmate at the first Meetup I ever hosted back in Chicago. But that's the exception, NOT the rule. If you meet the love of your life, then you're welcome & I better be invited to your wedding, but please don't be one of those creeps who comes & hits on every person attending just because your aunt won't stop asking why you're single every holiday. My holidays are rough enough; I don't need to be worrying about yours. 🙅🏼‍♀️

2. You're going to join but never actually attend events. I mean the notifications alone are gonna drive you crazy!

3. Judging anyone for anything. Some of us might drink too much, some of us should have stayed home, and some of us just straight up are kinda boring people. It’s just part of the process. I swear dating is actually easier as an adult then finding one person you wanna be friends with!

4. You’re gonna ask me if you can co-host an event. The answer is absolutely no. It will always be a no. Even if we become super great friends and you’re like “Macey, please this is the event I’ve been waiting for” because then I’m just gonna feel kinda like a jerk but a jerk who keeps her word. If you wanna host an event or if you feel like you don’t like the events I’m hosting then you’re more than welcome to spend $20+ a month on meetup.com & start your own group. Go wild.

6. Not really a rule, but there's not an "age" thing to this group. Just be cool. If you're married/single/twenties/thirties/forties/fifties/even 100+ it doesn't matter! I don't think you can age restrict fun. Unless you're under 21 then I'm sorry but you're a literal child and it's just gonna be a no from me 🚫

7. WE 👏🏻 ARE 👏🏻 INCLUSIVE 👏🏻 IN 👏🏻 THIS 👏🏻 GROUP 👏🏻 Y’ALL 👏🏻 All races/religions/political views/etc/etc/etc

8. ANY advancements (sexual, unwanted, etc) to ANY members (including myself!) by ANY member will be reported to Meetup (and if necessary, local authorities) and will immediately end in removal from the group. So &^#$ around and find out ✋

I think that about covers it! For someone who hates rules, that sure is a lot of them. Being the host with the most sometimes means you gotta enforce a few things...

I wanna host some fun activities and make some new friends. If you’re looking for the same thing, then I think we’ll have an awesome time.

Oh & I almost forgot - currently there’s a freaking PANDEMIC going on. I know, it’s *almost* over - but still! Please consider only attending in-person events if you’ve had the vaccine. Don’t be dumb and come when you’re sick or if you’re uncomfortable around strangers. We still have plenty of virtual events as well ✨

Check out meetupmacey.com for more member content & follow me on TikTok / Instagram @meetupmacey. See ya soon 😉

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Bayou City Art Festival - Let's Make Some Friends & View Some Art!

Needs a location

My design motto is that you can never have too many pieces of art and I hope to be that eccentric old lady whose family members have to be like "No Granny, you don't need another painting of wine glasses to put on your wall, let's get you to bed." Anyways, if you've been wanting to expand your art collection then this is the perfect event for ya!

Our group member Joshua messaged me about this event and I thought it was a super fun recommendation! The Bayou City Art Festival takes place downtown and is a super popular annual event that features art, music, food, & entertainment! Let's support local artists and each other's company this Saturday from 1-3pm :)


Parking might be difficult so please Google it and refrain from messaging me "What's the parking situation?" I'll post where/how to find us when I arrive. If you are running late, you will have to find us perusing the art festival.

Disclaimer: Don't come if you are sick or worried about catching/spreading COVID. Use your own discretion on attending given the pandemic.

Follow me on Instagram/TikTok @meetwithmacey and visit meetwithmacey.com for more events & to find out what's going on around town!

Making Friends is The Wurst - Wurstfest 2022 Day/Weekend Trip!

Needs a location

Making friends as an adult is the wurst... except when you add in steins of beer, brats, and Bavarian decor 🍺 Wurstfest has been described as the worst by some because it's kinda like a mini-Oktoberfest and it is to be expected to see newly 21 year olds from Texas State throwing up and making an absolute fool of themselves from drinking too much beer 🤷🏼‍♀️ but ya know what, I was just in Munich for Oktoberfest and saw grown a$$ men unable to get off the floor from drinking so much... so honestly I think it adds to the experience. It's a popular annual event in Texas and so the lines can be long and what not but I think it's a super fun way to spend a late fall day!

Wurstfest has food, drinks, a marketplace (fun for holiday shopping!), mini-golf, a carnival, and more! Feel free to dress up in theme (always dress up in theme let's be real)

Wurstfest is in New Braunfels, which is this super cute little German inspired town between San Antonio and Austin. It's definitely one of those places you HAVE to go to as a Texan, so if you're new here I would recommend. Feel free to drive up for the day or plan to stay for the weekend - I'm sure many other members will be down to carpool or split an AirBNB (BUT PLEASE BE SMART ABOUT IT! Trust me when I say you don't want to be stuck on i-35 with some creep from Meetup!)

Whatever you decide to do, we will plan to meet inside by gate 2 at 1pm. If you're running late or plan to meet up with the group later, I'll post updates on our location in the comments. My other Meetup groups will be invited as well so this is the perfect opportunity to make friends who live all over Texas! The festival goes until midnight on Saturdays so you can truly make an entire day of it.

It's highly encouraged to purchase tickets at advance below, however you can buy them day of at the festival gates:

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It’s October 3rd 💅🏻 Karaoke & Wear Pink Night

Needs a location

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