World Interaction Design Day #47


RSVP open on EVENTBRITE, where you get the ticket that we will scan at the door. This event is in collaboration with the Interaction Design Foundation and will be lead by Hamed.

Here's the link to the ticket you need:

About the event:

We will celebrate Interaction Design Day together as a joint event in Stockholm Län.
Design operates at the intersection of humanities and technology.
It includes omnichannel challenges within Digitalization, CX, Innovation, Business Transformation, and last but NOT least Sustainability!
Humanity entrusts the work of designers in order to function in modern society. With increasing reliance on their work, is an increasing, and ethical, responsibility for designers to put their user’s needs first.
Emerging technologies like AR, VR, Voice, and AI only further complicate matters of trust in design, as we tap deeper into fundamental issues of communication and human relationships.
Speakers and topics:

Fueling Creativity In The Age Of AI
Johan Lopes Helgesson
Strategist & Technical Architect at Adobe
Reverse engineering human behaviour to increase engagement and trust – a moral dilemma?
Niklas Wolkert
Design Director at Swedbank
From Design Thinking to Design Deciding
Hamed Yahyaei
Service Designer & Design Lead - IDF Europe Manager
Design is the problem, Design is the solution
Nathan Shedroff
Experience design visionary and author; searching for truth in beauty
Nathan Shedroff is the executive director of Seed Vault Ltd, a Singapore-based platform building an independent, trusted bot economy on the blockchain.