First Tuesday about ICO's using DAICO, the Japanese way & Crypto Explorers

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First Tuesday in July turning Japanese. And: Crypto Explorers back in town with PEER MOUNTAIN and GUN CLEAR
We open the doors at 18:30 and presentations begin at 19:00
We start with a talk about DAICO and are excited to welcome from Tokyo Mr Yoshi Nishimura, Founder/CTO, together with Ms. Ria Soni, Evangelist of ICOVO - The ICO Platform harnessing DAICO.
Yoshi (also Co-founder of Ethereum Foundation, Japan) and Ria will tell us about the DAICO concept, originally proposed by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. They firmly believe DAICO will make the ICO ecosystem healthier, and thus grow larger and more significant than it already is today!
ICOVO's mission is simple. All ICOs should be structured in the form of “DAICO" and they want to engage in discussions with everyone from investors, to entrepreneurs, to VC, and developers as well.
ICOVO offer the full suite of ICO services with their token sale beginning 17th July, with plenty of time for Q&A

In the second part we welcome The Crypto Explorer team with two interesting companies visiting Zug: PEER MOUNTAIN and GUNCLEAR .
--> PEER MOUNTAIN is an end-to-end application ecosystem that facilitates secure commerce and exchange of digital and physical services and
--> GUNCLEAR is building a tool that protects gun owners right to privacy, while delivering a tangible step forward in responsible gun ownership and transactions

We have a packed - Japanese flavour - to the agenda for our Meetup in July, with drinks and snacks offered by ICOVO AG and Crypto Explorers.

See you there!