August 2017 and OpenShift on Azure

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London OpenShift User Group

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Hello again! We have great news: following on from Simon Massey’s presentation of .NET Core on OpenShift, we have the pleasure of Takayoshi Tanaka from Red Hat Tokyo joining us while on vacation! He brings a background in C# development and is now an OpenShift expert specialising in .NET Core and the Azure reference implementation.

So, we are taking it easy on you this time around and giving him the floor for a full evening’s deep dive of OpenShift on Azure and .NET Core. This will be streamed as it will be a must see for everyone fascinated with all things Microsoft and OpenShift!

Plans as follows;

6.30pm - Arrive - beer/pizza etc

7pm - Talks will start - Quick intro from the guys at CoScale (who are very kindly providing the beer and pizza. THANKS GUYS!) followed by Takayoshi's deep dive.

After the talks we'll head to the pub for a couple more beers.

Red Hat released a reference architecture for OpenShift on Azure [1] in May. He will explain several Azure features integrated with OpenShift and how to set up these features.

.NET Core is now a Red Hat supported programming language and framework fully supported by OpenShift [2]. He will show several examples using OpenShift and .NET Core features.

The list of topics he will cover are:

OpenShift on Azure

- Deploying OpenShift reference architecture on Azure (ARM template)

-- Details of Availability Sets, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Disk, etc.

- Other Azure features you can integrate with OpenShift

-- Azure Blob Storage for Docker registry storage

-- Azure Active Directory Open ID for master authentication

-- Azure File Storage for Persistent Volume

.NET Core on OpenShift

- .NET Core 2.0 (still in preview) and OpenShift

- Use case for .NET Core on OpenShift

-- Environment and Secrets

-- Working with webpack (nodejs tools)

-- RDB with EF Core

-- Remote debugging