Free of charge!Experience Tohoku and Hokkaido in Tokyo(Shinagawa).





Food samples and stage performances, free of charge! Experience Tohoku and Hokkaido in Tokyo’s Shinagawa district.

Did you hear that the Hokkaido Shinkansen will be open for business on March 26th? The amount of time it takes to go between Tokyo and Hakodate will be drastically reduced.

A question to all foreign travelers; do you know about free tickets and the Japan Rail Pass? During a specific period of time, you will be able to get on and off whenever and however many times you'd like between Hokkaido and Kagoshima. All Shinkansen are subject to this service, including the new Hokkaido Shinkansen.

Are you aware of sightseeing spots in and around Tohoku and Hokkaido? Unfortunately, you will only be able to access a limited amount of information in your guidebooks.

However, a special event will be held in Tokyo on the 22nd of March, where you will be able to experience, eat, see, and enjoy specialties from many of Japan's popular sightseeing spots, as well as from other unknown and hidden locations.

Why not come and get some rare information and insight from us?

The Tadaima Japan will greet and can converse with you in both English and Chinese!

It’s a great opportunity to try some delicious food samples and watch stage performances.

【Let's dance all with the stage performance!】

【There're a lot's of delicious dishes! Try a food sample!】

*Actual food samples available may differ from image shown

The Tadaima Japan team can assist you with your travel and with life in Japan.

Tadaima Japan:

● details→

● Assembly location: Take the JR Shinagawa station’s east exit(Konan exit)to the 2nd floor of the Atre Shinagawa Department Store, which is in front of the Hibiya-Kadan Style flower shop.

● Date and time: Tuesday March 22nd at 1:00 P.M. ※Around 2 hours in duration.

● Cost: Free of charge

※Please be sure to register early, because there is a limit to the amount of participants.

We hope to see you there!







Tadaima Japanスタッフが日本語と英語と中国語で解説しますよ。



日本の観光ガイドブック「Tadaima Japan」を作っているわたしたちがあなたの日本旅行をお手伝いします!

Tadaima Japan :


※バラエティーに富んだゲストが参加するシンポジウムも同時開催されるそうです。より踏み込んだ情報がほしい方はこちらにも参加してみてくださいね。シンポジウムは別途申込みが必要です。こちら。 (

●集合場所 JR品川駅港南口 アトレ品川2階 Hibiya-Kadan Style(フラワーショップ)前

●集合日時 3月22日(火曜日) 13時00分 ※2時間程度

●料金 無料