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What we’re about

To converse is human. To salon is divine! Hear Ye, armchair philosophers, merciless cynics, bleeding hearts, managers, educators, engineers, cubical dwellers, corporate consciences, business owners, blue collar workers, waitresses, Capitalists, truckers, Socialists, retail clerks, Anarchists, students, Republicans, lawyers, Democrats, Greens, retirees, Libertarians, healers, contrarians, atheists, church-goers, peacemakers! Oyez, agitators, artists, musicians, poets, Unitarians, bohemians, bloggers, vintage hippies, pranksters, pagans, wild-eyed visionaries, daydream believers, Baby-Boomers of all walks of life! Rejoice! The Art of Conversation lives! Ever hear of a conversation salon? It’s people talking to people, in a real room in real time, about the experience of being a human being. Salons are not debates or somber formal discussions. They are lively gatherings where people share their observations and ideas, creating a feast of intelligent, imaginative, often moving, occasionally inspiring, sometimes hilarious, and every once in a while, utterly banal, repartee. The Conversation Salon just outside Elgin, IL, wants you! 

Those were the days, my friends, we thought they’d never end. Remember the cool, intense, crazy conversations we enjoyed in dorm rooms, bedrooms, and dinky apartments back when we were in our late teens and early 20s? Welcome back! Since 1998, we’ve been hosting talk-our-heads-off evenings in our private home, a Time-Warped Abode located in a subdivision just outside Elgin, IL. Every six weeks or so, we email invitations to about 150 people who’ve expressed interest in coming. Usually, 20-35 people attend any one gathering. It’s easy to be a new face, as the mix is at least somewhat different each time. Everyone brings something unique to the gatherings. We’re eager to enrich our experience with your personality and take on things, as well as to provide you with a little sanctuary from the ordinary. How do I get invited? You can let us know you want to join our invitation list via this Meetup page. You also can sign up using the contact link on our web site: The web site has a lot more information about the salon. If you want to communicate with us before taking the plunge, feel free to contact us directly from the web site or by email at

Caveat: The salon has been happening since 1998.  We send invitations to about 150 people and 20 to 40 attend each gathering.  We are experimenting with using Meetup to let more kindred souls know of its existence.  The numbers on Meetup don't reflect the number of people who are actively involved in the salon; however, they do show how many new, Meetup people are up for giving the salon a try.  Again, don't hesitate to write if you have questions.