What we're about

We are dreamers, dilettantes, free thinkers, philosophy fanciers, art enthusiasts, music aficionados, rebels, skeptics, ferocious readers, aspiring artists, and experts. But most of all, we are movie lovers.

Founded in late 2015, Jakarta Cinema Club (JACk) has been diving into substances (philosophy, history, politics, comedy, arts, sciences, etc.) with the basis of cinema & literature. Our monthly theme ranges from genre, decades, movement and personalities. Get ready to meet fellow friendly and open-minded cinephiles.

The Programs

1. Secret Movie Saturday & Discussion, monthly, Saturday. Our regular meetup is a screening of a topic-related film followed by a discourse. The venue is usually a mini theater in Jakarta. The subsequent session is a short, casual movie talk over some drinks in regards to the movie & our monthly topic in general. Some members will do review on films, on how they affecting life in day-to-day basis, on take-home philosophy, and books-movies comparison.

2. The After Hours, weekly, every Wednesday or Thursday.This is a perfect program for those who are up for some good films after a full day of work. No official discussion after the screening but people are welcome to stay at the venue for drinks and socializing. Non-alcoholic beverage is available.

3. Bukunema, monthly, Saturday. We are collaborating with Mizan Publisher to have a dedicated time to talk about a particular book and see its movie adaptation. Our goal is to encourage people to be more interested into reading. Food & beverage are available.

4. Philosophizeme, bimonthly, Saturday.Are you a philosopher? Well, some people in the group think that we humans are basically philosophers by nature. In this program, we will see a movie, followed by a focus discussion on the philosophy we could extract from it and the take-home questions. Our collaborator, Jakarta Philosophy & Sciences Group, comes up with a certain format to ensure people to not take reasoning for granted anymore.

5. Layar Lokal, monthly, Friday. Our collaborator, Kenobi Space, Infoscreening and Exhibid, are very welcome to support the growth of local cinema movement. In this program, we will watch Indonesian films you might've missed from the theater or didn't get a chance to be widely released. The director or filmmakers behind the movie will be with us to have a casual discussion at the end of the program.

6. Sinema Feminis, monthly, We’re excited to announce our newest program, Sinema Feminis! Do you call yourself a feminist? Or a sceptic who is curious to learn more about it? Join us! We will screen films that are related to women issues that continue to exist in our society. After the screenings, we will have discussions with women activists and scholars to dig deeper to why the issues are still faced by women.

We are very open to do collaboration with other communities. Please contact us through this website or these following social medias:

Email: jakartacineclub@gmail.com

Website: www.jakartacinemaclub.com

Instagram: @jakartacinemaclub (https://www.instagram.com/jakartacinemaclub/)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jakartacinemaclub

Twitter: @jakartacineclub (https://twitter.com/jakartacineclub)

Letterboxd: www.letterboxd.com/jakartacinemaclub (https://letterboxd.com/jakartacineclub/)

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Christian Putra, Joseph Soebagio


Mario Lengkey & Miranti Annisareta, SECRET MOVIE SATURDAY & DISCUSSION

Christian Putra, THE AFTER HOURS

RJ Wen, Suntar Jono, Olav Sudja, PHILOSOPHIZEME

Nadina Habsjah, LAYARLOKAL

Anastasia Sijabat, SINEMA FEMINIS

Peter Walandouw, BUKUNEMA

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