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Humans and Friends - an evening of improvised music

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Daniel Matias F.
Humans and Friends - an evening of improvised music


Humans: you're invited to the second edition of Humans And Friends, our casual evening of improvised music.

This show is going to be headlined by the students of the level 2 of the Music Improvisation Course, who, after two months of preparation in eight night classes, are ready to show to the world the music wizards they've become!

If you're a musician yourself, you too will be allowed to participate! That's right, the second half of the show, we challenge you to put your name in a hat, which if picked, you'll be called to the stage to duet with another musician!

Don't miss out! The show is free/pay-what-you-want (meaning that we'll ask for a voluntary contribution at the end).

Jam With Humans Meetup
Jam With Humans Meetup
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Atlantisplein 1 · Amsterdam, NH