Static Sites Berlin #5 (free pizza & refreshments)

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A big thank you to Contentful for kindly sponsoring the location, food, and drinks for this occasion. Doors open at 18:30.

Join us for the fifth Edition of Static Sites Berlin meetup where you will learn and share your experience with static sites.

If you have a talk Idea please let us know
Speaker: Chris ward
Topic: Static site generation for documentation with Docfx

Docfx is a static site documentation tool from Microsoft. Specifically aimed at c# projects, it has a lot of great features for projects written in any programming language, such as a custom Markdown flavour, seamless merging of documentation sources and a thorough template engine.

TALK #2: A Look Into SSGs for Open Source Documentation
Speaker: Carolyn Stransky
For the past couple of months, I’ve interviewed nearly 50 open source projects about how they use static site generators for their documentation. And let’s just say that the results were not what I was expecting. Think of this presentation as more of an informal research sharing among fellow static site enthusiasts.
TALK #3: Static is Just a Cache
Speaker: Seva Zaikov

Usually we treat static content as assets, non-dynamic parts of our applications, even though it is just another layer in caching.