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Denne gruppen annonserer javaBin sine aktiviteter i Oslo, samt fungerer som et diskusjonsforum for alt Java- og utviklingsrelatert.

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Deep-dive into Kotlin


In our next meetup in javaBin Oslo we'll do a deep dive into Kotlin and a look at some topics that both beginners and experienced developers can benefit from. The speaker of the evening will be Arnab Kumar Datta. As always, food and drink will be served from 17:00. The meetup starts at 17:30. The event will be held in English, in co-operation with Oslo Kotlin Meetup (meetup.com/meetup-group-nWeRbyMu/). Talk outline: Since its release in 2011, Kotlin has been steadily climbing the ranks amongst the worlds most popular language. In 2017, Kotlin broke into the coveted top 10 programming languages list. Earlier this year, Google announced that Kotlin will become the preferred way of developing apps on Android. If you have never used Kotlin, this is an opportunity to find out why Kotlin was regarded as the fourth most loved language on Stack Overflow. For the more experienced Kotlin programmer, we will also be uncovering some lesser known gems that might have gone unnoticed beneath the hood. Speaker bio: As a teenager, Arnab dreamt of being a standup comedian, but somehow ended up finding the world of programming instead. He can be found coding away on his mac or dancing (sometimes both at the same time). Feel free to grab him and ask him any questions you want, especially if they involve fan theories about Game of Thrones. Shoot him a message: arnabkum (at) gmail.com

Julemøte i kjent javaBin stil: Java and OpenJDK: disecting the ecosystem

Digger du pinnekjøtt og noe godt å drikke til? Da ønsker vi deg hjertelig velkommen til javaBins tradisjonelle julemøte på Teknologihuset torsdag 5. desember! (English below) I år skal vår egen Rafael Winterhalter, leder av programkomiteen til JavaZone, snakke om hvordan det står til med Java-økosystemet, de ulike OpenJDK distribusjonene og den nye lisensmodellen. The meeting will be held in English! Agenda: 17:30 - Mingling og noe å drikke 18:00 - Innledning av javaBin 18:15 - Foredrag: Java and OpenJDK: disecting the ecosystem 19:15 - Julemat (pinnekjøtt) og drikke. Ønsker du alternativ mat eller har allergier, er det bare å gi oss beskjed. Abstract: With its ninth version, the Java platform has shifted gear and introduced biyearly releases. This was quickly followed by a license change where Oracle, the steward of Java, now publishes a commercial and a non-commercial release of the OpenJDK while other vendors also took more space to promote their alternative builds. And in another flood of news, the Java EE specification was terminated and resolved into the Jakarta EE namespace. A lot has been happening in the traditionally conservative Java ecosystem, to say the least, and many users are wondering if they can still rely on the platform. This talk offers orientation to those that wonder about the state of Java, explains the OpenJDK project including its builds and licensing and summarizes the changes that have been, what to expect and why the recent change of pace is good news to the community. English: Welcome to javaBin's Christmas meetup! This year, as always, we will serve traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner (lamb ribs) and something good to drink. Let us know if you have any allergies or want alternative food. Our speaker is our own Rafael Winterhalter, leader of the JavaZone program comitee, who will the talk "Java and OpenJDK: disecting the ecosystem" (see abstract above). The meetup will start at 18:00.

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