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JavaScript is becoming ever more popular on the client, server and mobile. Let's get together to learn new skills and network with like-minded JavaScript developers.

Why another JavaScript group? Because with ES6 around the corner and with over 1 million JavaScript projects on GitHub, the Washington DC metro area can afford a new and different look at this fantastic language.

In partnership with other local companies, we offer high quality coding and technology training as well as free seminar and 1 day workshops. Classes are usually at Coding Bootcamps office located at 3165 Mt Pleasant St NW.

We training for the following classes or topics:

Intro to JavaScript and jQuery


Intro to JavaScript Angular


Intro to JavaScript Node.JS


Intro to JavaScript MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express JS, Angular, and Node.JS)

Intro to JavaScript Angular Ionic for both Android and iOS

Intro to JavaScript React and React Native for iOS and Android

Intro to advance level training for Java Enterprise Edition



Blockchain architecture and development classes online, DC or VA

Learn Hands-on Blockchain Ethereum Development & Get Certified in 30 Hrs (https://myhsts.org/course-blockchain-ethereum-development-with-government-blockchain-association-certification.php)

Learn Blockchain Hyperledger Development & Get Certified in 30 Hrs (https://myhsts.org/course-blockchain-hyperledger-development-with-government-blockchain-association-certification.php)

Become Blockchain Certified Security Architect in 30 hours (https://myhsts.org/course-security-architect-for-blockchain-applications-and-blockchain-cybersecurity.php)

Blockchain Corda R3 design and development in 30 hours (https://coding-bootcamps.com/course_info.php?urlfriendly=develop-blockchain-distributed-ledger-applications-with-corda)

Blockchain Certified Solution Architect in 30 hours (https://coding-bootcamps.com/course_info.php?urlfriendly=blockchain-certified-solution-architect-for-technical-leaders)

Enterprise IT self-learning package for $390 monthly subscription

Package includes 200+ hours of enterprise-level IT training covering topics such as containers (Kubernetes & Docker), Microservices, DevOps, Cloud Computing (OpenStack or Serverless Framework), Big Data (Hadoop and Spark) and Restful API for $390 monthly subscription. See the below link for registration info:

Complete self-paced training package for $290 monthly subscription

For $290 monthly subscription, you can have access to 300+ hours of hands-on project-based training covering courses in web development, blockchain, software engineering, and system admin. See below link for the list of topics and registration info:


Our Sponsors

Accelebrate Company offers Angular Training. For info and registration go to: https://www.accelebrate.com/angular-training

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Self-paced blockchain training for $290 monthly subscription- Info session

In response to our members' request, we are going to launch a new self-paced training platform that covers all essential blockchain topics. For $290 monthly subscription, you can have access to 300+ hours of hands-on project-based training covering courses in web development, blockchain, software engineering, and system admin. See the below link for the list of topics and registration info: https://learn.coding-bootcamps.com/p/complete-blockchain-development-training-package Our online self-learning program highlights: - Most affordable training program currently in the market - Rigorously developed contents by industry experts - Covering all IT career tracks with 300+ hours of hands-on training - Focused on hands-on project-based training - Practical and well-researched programming topics - Flexible payment plans with small monthly installments During this online info session via Zoom, we briefly discuss the platform as well as topics covered in our self-paced training program. Blockchain self-learning topics: - Intro to Blockchain technology and its use cases - Intro to Solidity programming - Develop blockchain applications with Ethereum - Develop blockchain applications with Hyperledger Fabric and Composer - Develop blockchain applications with Corda R3 and Java - Introduction to blockchain cybersecurity

Developing Websites Using AngularJS in 30 Hours- Online Class via Zoom

This hands-on programming course provides a thorough introduction to the AngularJS JavaScript Framework. Attendees will learn the fundamental skills necessary to build Web Applications using AngularJS and the MV* (Model View Whatever) design pattern. Topics include creating controllers, using scope to manage data, designing views/templates, routing, data binding and filters, applying directives, as well as form integration and validation. Students will also use AngularJS' built-in services to communicate with RESTful web services and provide CRUD database operations. This course focuses on JavaScript so prior background in JS or jQuery would be helpful but not required. This is a 30 hour crash course. Course Info Length: total 30 hours Registration Fee: $1,200 Class dates/time: TBD Refund Policy - We fully refund you if we cancel this class. This class is guaranteed to run. For the course outline and registration, visit the below link: https://coding-bootcamps.com/course_info.php?urlfriendly=website-design-using-Angular-JS-for-beginners

Best practices for securing and scaling up Node JS applications- Workshop in VA

Survey of best practices for Securing and Scaling up Node.JS It is very important to scale and secure your applications. Scaling and securing are not one-time tasks. You need to keep making changes to your code as you add new features to increase application security, and as your application traffic and data increases, you need to scale your servers. In this workshop, you will learn how to make Node.js applications more secure and how to scale Node.js applications. We will be assuming that you are using Express for creating your web server as it is the most common. In this workshop, we will cover: - Application vulnerabilities - Non-vulnerability attacks - Various third-party services to protect your application - Checking security issues in third-party packages - Techniques of distributing traffic This workshop is a must for all MEAN stack or fullstack web developers. Below is the link to workshop tutorial: https://blockchain.dcwebmakers.com/blog/best-practices-for-securing-and-scaling-nodejs-applications.html Workshop location: 12310 Pinecrest Road, Suite #306, Reston, VA 20191 Follow up courses Introduction to Web Application Development Using Java EE, Frameworks, Web Services and AJAX https://myhsts.org/course-Introduction-to-Web-Application-Development-Using-JEE-Frameworks-Web-Services-and-AJAX-level1.php XML Programming https://myhsts.org/course-introduction-to-XML-programming-for-beginners.php Object Oriented Programming with UML Course https://myhsts.org/course-object-oriented-analysis-and-design-with-unified-modeling-language-training.php

Intermediate JavaScript and jQuery training with JSON and Ajax- Self-paced class

In this self-paced course, you learn the following topics: - The "Query" in jQuery - Action/Reaction: Making Pages Come Alive with Events - Animations and Effects - Improving Your Images - Improving Navigation - Expanding Your Interface with jQuery and jQuery UI - JSON and Ajax Client Side Applications Course fee: $90 Course details and registration: https://learn.coding-bootcamps.com/p/intermediate-javascript-and-jquery-training-with-json-and-ajax

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