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Next.js with Tim Neutkens

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Next.js with Tim Neutkens


I'm super happy to introduce our next speaker, Tim Neutkens, lead maintainer of Next.js. A lightweight framework for static and server‑rendered React applications.

Next.js is being used by companies like Netflix, Nike, Marvel, Mozilla, Invision, Deliveroo, and more to build scalable web applications

The Next.js framework focuses on the idea of pre-rendering as a means to achieve high performance. Pre-rendering comes in two forms:

- **Server rendering**
where each request triggers a render. As a result, the end-user doesn't have to wait for any JS to be downloaded to start consuming data

- **Static rendering**
where we output static files that can be served directly without any code execution on the server

Next.js implements a performant webpack and babel configuration for you with hot module replacement and code splitting out of the box, making sure only the code that’s needed for a page is sent to the browser.

The workshop will walk you through building a performant and scalable web application using Next.js.

- 18:00 - gathering up, networking with pizza and drinks
- 18:30 - speaker introduction
- 18:40 - workshop by Tim Neutkens
- 20:00 - drinks and networking

- Beginner level Javascript experience
- Bring your own laptop if you want to follow along live-coding

Mollie is one of Europe’s fastest growing fin-tech companies. Mollie provides a simple and clear payment API, that enables webshop and app builders to implement more than 19 different payment methods in one go.

Tinkering, disruption, and inclusivity are Mollie core values. In the first few years of existence, Mollie was a developer-only endeavour, and 14 years later devs and techs still comprise roughly 35% of all staff. As a natural consequence, a lot of things that enterprise businesses or pretend-to-be-start-ups are trying too hard to mimic, come quite natural to Mollie.

Mollie uses JavaScript (React + Node) for their marketing website and Dashboard product ( Their tech stack includes PHP, Docker, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ and Kafka.
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