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A group for anyone interested in software engineering including JavaScript. This group is part of the HackBuddy software engineering group ( https://hackbuddy.com ). For JavaScript meetups, visit https://javascriptla.net . For more info on us, the meetups we've held, videos you can watch on Youtube.com/hackbuddyorg (https://youtube.com/hackbuddyorg) and blogs offering technical expertise.

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Free OPEN Passes to DeveloperWeek 2023

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Register here: https://www.devnetwork.com/registration/?event=DeveloperWeek%202023&utm_source=meetup&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MU14709&discount=MU14709
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DeveloperWeek 2023 (Feb 15-17, Oakland CA | Feb 21-23, Virtual) is The world's largest developer conference & expo where 8,000+ developer, engineering & technical leaders converge to discover the latest developer & engineering innovations. Learn from leaders at Google, Slack, Microsoft, AWS, J.P. Morgan, Waze, Cisco, Twitch, Akamai, Oracle, Vonage, Indeed, and dozens more!

The DeveloperWeek team has offered our group 25 free OPEN Passes and discounted PRO Passes, so our members can attend for free.
Register now to get your free OPEN Pass or to SAVE $100 on your PRO Pass.

To register, go to: https://www.devnetwork.com/registration/?event=DeveloperWeek%202023&utm_source=meetup&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MU14709&discount=MU14709

JavaScript Data Visualization: Build a Timeline Generator Workshop

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In this 2 hour workshop, you will walk away with a configurable timeline generator and the understanding of creating amCharts graphs on a low-code database platform.
No need to know Node.js, AWS, React, or Vue.js. With Kintone, you can just focus on the front-end customization and not worry about setting up a complex back-end infrastructure!
All you need is a basic understanding of JavaScript for this workshop!


This is the codebase that we will start the workshop from!

Apply for a free developer license and subdomain. You can also read up on all things Kintone API & customization!

6:00 PM - Hello
6:10 PM - Workshop Overview
6:20 PM - amCharts Setup
7:20 PM - Web Database Setup
7:50 PM - Wrap Up and Q&A
8:00 PM - Thank you & Survey

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What is amCharts?
amCharts is a set of programming libraries and tools for all your data visualization needs on the web.
amCharts JavaScript library supports classic charts like Line, Bar, Timeline, XY, Gantt, TreeMap, and Maps. Fully functional products are available for free for any type of use.

Kintone is a no-code/low-code cloud platform for teams to quickly & easily share and collaborate on their data.
You can add JavaScript, CSS, &/or HTML to enhance the front-end UI/UX of a Kintone App. This can include features such as maps, buttons, and color-coding.

Read up on how to customize and develop on the Kintone platform at kintone.dev

The Challenges of Building an Open Search Engine

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In this talk, engineers at You.com, a privacy focused and customizable search engine, will discuss various challenges and lessons learned from building an open search engine.
We will introduce various concepts and tools that will increase developer productivity in the future, discussing the promise and pitfalls of integrating generative AI into the developer flow using You.com/YouCode/YouChat as examples.
We will then do a deep dive on various challenges building our infrastructure from developers, touching on topics such as building an open platform, ensuring secure UIs, etc.


About the Presenter:

Saahil Jain is an engineer at You.com. At You.com, Saahil builds searching and ranking systems. Previously, Saahil was a graduate researcher in the Stanford Machine Learning Group under Professor Andrew Ng, where he researched topics related to deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) in resource-constrained domains like healthcare. His research work has been published in machine learning conferences such as EMNLP, NeurIPS Datasets & Benchmarks, and ACM-CHIL among others.

Tom Wallenstein works as a full-stack engineer at You.com. Tom is responsible for building robust, performant, and scalable product features and connecting them to the user interface. Tom received his BS in Computer Science from Yale University, where he also conducted research in deep learning and social robotics.

David Li is a Frontend Engineer at You.com, where he primarily works on frontend engineering and the Open Search Platform. Prior to You.com David was a computer science student at the University of Waterloo.


For more details on us, visit: https://javascriptla.net, especially for links to our chat channels on Slack/Discord, and be sure to follow us on all social media including YouTube.com/HackBuddyORG!

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