NEXT MEET: How Do I Fix that? Git Scenarios: ft. Rob Rich plus Docker & Node.js


Hey JavaScriptLA fans, our next meetup is upon us!

Our main topic will be an introduction on GIT Scenarios, presented by Rob Richardson (@rob_rich ( As a second subtopic, Rob will also be talking about Docker (for Node.js) and how containerization can help speed up workflow for teams. Rob has recently been teaching Docker and Node.js and is an expert in both these subjects, in addition to Git -- so if you have questions, please be sure to bring them, especially if you are learning Node and or Docker!

In this meetup, we'll explore the common git scenarios and collection of scripts that you can run to generate repositories containing common scenarios, and other things you can start using today.

This meetup is directed towards any level developers, since common GIT scenarios might be encountered when using Git.

Have you ever wondered how to get out of a bad merge? Have you ever gotten stuck trying to push your changes? Git is a wonderful and empowering tool, but it's not your father's version control system.

Bring your Git questions for this no-slides demo of Git command line and GUI tools. We'll harvest your curiosities, add in some common concerns, and run through these scenarios together. Have an open-source project you're stuck on? Bring the GitHub URL, and not only will we discuss it, I'll submit a pull request with the changes we build.

Rob will also spend time during this meetup to talk about his recent obsession with Docker (which helps speed up workflow between teams working on different machines - Windows/Linux/Mac) as well as take your questions for Node.js. If you're interested in finding out about Docker, or have burning questions about Node, Rob is your man to bring questions to!

About the presenter:

Rob Richardson is a software craftsman building web properties in ASP.NET ( and Node, Angular and React. He’s a Microsoft MVP, published author, frequent speaker at conferences, user groups, and community events, and a diligent teacher and student of high quality software development. You can find this and other talks on his blog at and follow him on twitter at @rob_rich (

Food & Drink:

Looking to have some food trucks with yum food (more details soon ^_^)

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NOTE: This event will not be at General Assembly, but BlankSpaces instead (GA was booked). The address for the location is:

529 S. Broadway, Suite 4000

(@Pershing Square)

Los Angeles, CA


Don't want to drive / park ? We recommend using the Metro to 7th Street (from Blue Line) along with Uber / Lyft (you could also just walk down a couple streets from Blue Line and 7th).

If you do park, there are a couple of parking lots around the area near DTLA, expect to pay around $10 to $20.

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